Has Your TLC License Been Suspended?

Losing your TLC license can cause financial hardship and emotional heartache.
The good news is that you can win reinstatement!

The Law Office of Daniel Ackman won the case, Nnebe v. Daus, that established a driver's right to a fair hearing, leading to reinstatement to most drivers who take advantage of that right. Since winning that case, Dan has won reinstatement for dozens of drivers.

Did you know that:

  • 1. Drivers now actually have a good chance of winning their suspension hearings and being reinstated.
  • 2. Drivers who were suspended based on an arrest before 2019 prevailed in a class action lawsuit against the City of New York filed by Dan and are now seeking damages.
  • 3. The right to a fair hearing applies to taxi and to FHV (black car, Uber, Lyft) Licenses.

Most drivers who have hearings are reinstated (although gaining reinstatement depends on the particular facts of a case).

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We can make a difference and get you back on the road.


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