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Dan Ackman focuses on civil rights, administrative and constitutional class action litigation as well as commercial litigation. His civil rights class action lawsuits cases have resulted in a half dozen City practices being declared unconstitutional or unlawful. He has also recovered millions of dollars in damages for taxi drivers whose licenses have been suspended or revoked. In administrative law, he has re-gained licenses for many taxi drivers suspended based on arrest, for an industry representative accused of mistreating his clients and for a taxi driver accused of refusing service to a lesbian couple.

Dan's cases have resulted in:​

He is currently co-counsel in two actions on behalf of taxi drivers and investors who purchased medallions from the City of New York at auctions just before the TLC opened the door to e-hail taxis, which decimated the value of the medallions the City had just sold. He has also handled commercial cases for small business owners and large financial institutions as well as on behalf of taxi drivers who alleged taxi fleet managers had overcharged them.

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