Constitutional Law

The Law Office of Dan Ackman excels in protecting your rights from abuses by the government.

Dan's cases have resulted in:​

  • A Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission Limousine (TLC) policy and practice of suspending drivers based on an arrest and then extending those suspensions after a hearing is unconstitutional;
  • A federal district court ruling holding that the TLC's Operation Refusal program denied taxi drivers Due Process of Law, which led to a multi-million dollar damage settlement for the plaintiff class;
  • A federal district court judgment that the NYC Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings summary suspension of a non-lawyer advocate for taxi drivers was unconstitutional in that it denied the advocate due process of law;
  • A pair of federal district court decisions that the TLC program of seizing vehicles without a warrant or hearing violated the Fourth Amendment and denied vehicle owners due process of law;
  • A federal district court decision holding portions of the TLC revocation-on-conviction policy to be unconstitutional, which led to a multi-million dollar settlement for the plaintiff class;
  • A state court decision opening TLC courts to the public.

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