Westchester Vehicle Seizures

The Westchester County Taxi and Limousine Commission (the “WTLC”) routinely seizes and impounds for-hire vehicles without a warrant and without any recognized exception to the Fourth Amendment's warrant requirement. These seizures are based on the WTLC's so-called Vehicle Immobilization Program (“WVIP program”). This program purports to allow the WTLC to place a boot on and then impound any for-hire vehicle (“FHV”) even where the driver has not been deemed unsafe to drive, where the vehicle itself is not unsafe, where the vehicle is not contraband, and where the vehicle is not the instrumentality of a crime. The WTLC seizes vehicles even where the owner of the vehicle has not failed to pay any civil penalties to the county and has not failed to answer a summons. Amazingly, WTLC claims the right to suspend even where it does not allege that the driver violated any rule or law. 

In short, Westchester claims the authority to seize a FHV even where the owner (or the driver) is guilty of no wrongdoing and has not even been accused on any wrongdoing.

The Law Office of Daniel Ackman has filed a class action lawsuit challenging these seizures. We believe the seizures are unconstitutional and illegal. If your car has been seized by the Westchester TLC, please contact me.

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