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Uber Pushing to Stop Drivers from Being Treated as Employees

Posted by Daniel Ackman | Jun 09, 2021 | 0 Comments

For years, Uber and Lyft along with other so-called gig-economy companies have been battling in courts to prevent their drivers from being deemed employees. The driver may seem to work for Uber and they may look like taxi drivers, but neither is true, Uber has always said. 

Now the battle has moved to legislatures. 

This week, an effort in New York state to declare drivers contractors, while allowing them to join what is being called a union (but is not really a union) has stalled while facing opposition from labor groups. But it's certain to be revived.

See "Uber and Lyft Ramp Up Legislative Efforts to Shield Business Model".

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Daniel Ackman

D​​an Ackman focuses on civil rights, administrative and constitutional class action litigation. Perhaps best known for representing New York City's taxi drivers in a series of civil rights class action lawsuits, Ackman's cases have resulted in a half dozen City practices being declared unconstitutional.


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